June 24, 2020

"I'll never become an entrepreneur"

I was born to an entrepreneur family. Having a retail business that has been passed on for already three generations has put a lot weight on my shoulders. As a counteraction to a pre-planned future, I’ve always told myself to stay away from self-employment and to stick to a secured career as an employee.

I based my view on what I had seen: constant problem solving, stressful workdays, always having to be available, frustrating phone calls, unpredictable working schedules, and never being fully on relax-mode. I remember specifically one family vacation in the Canary Islands when there was a robbery in one of our shops. I believe that was that the famous turning point when I decided that the entrepreneur life would not be for me.*

Entrepreneurship opened to me in a totally new way when I started working at a startup a few years ago. The atmosphere in the Nordics' biggest startup hub Maria 01 was so inspiring and exciting - so distant from the corporations and well-established companies I had worked before. The mentality of working fast, lean and agile in a relaxed atmosphere changed my view of work life completely. It became more like a lifestyle rather than just a workplace. Instead of having strict working hours reported to a supervisor, everything was in my own hands.

In the Spring of 2020, I was laid off from my job thanks to the global pandemic we have all become pretty familiar with. Finally I had time to stop and think what I really wanted to do. Drafting future maps and dreams I realised I actually had no clue. Even though I loved the startup I used to work at, going back to my Marketing Manager’s position felt somewhat wrong too.

Being locked in my tiny apartment during quarantine I started to list the pros and cons of the entrepreneur life. I caught myself thinking about more positive memories and reforming the entrepreneur model I had adapted from my family. The proud moments of owning a business and being able to extend it, the freedom to decide what to do next and the possibility to fulfill your dreams. Memories of seeing my dad so happy when the Christmas sales exceeded expectations and when the whole year's sales records were broken. For the first time, instead of just focusing on the cons I found it so fascinating: to be free and able to work from anywhere, to use my expertise to help other people achieve their goals.

EJ Communications was officially established 15th of June 2020. Instead of it being just a tiny freelancing experiment I first planned it to be, I decided to go all in for the entrepreneurship. So here we are. A little bit terrified yet so excited!


* Paradoxically, my head has always been full of business ideas. I started off at the age of 9 by publishing my very own magazine Juttu!. Managing the whole editing process and going to elementary school at the same time was a little bit too big of a load for my tiny shoulders, though.

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